MNHC Lab Required Courses

材料科學導論(Introduction to Materials Science)

材料熱力學 (Thermodynamics of Materials)

物理冶金(Physical Metallurgy)

材料機械性質 (Mechanical Behavior of Materials)

薄膜工程導論 (Introduction to Thin Film Engineering)

固態物理導論 (Introduction to Solid State Physics)

高等物理冶金 或相變化 (Advanced Physical Metallurgy or Phase Transformation)

腐蝕與防蝕 (Corrosion and Corrosion Control)

真空技術 (Vacuum Technology)

X光繞射學 (X-ray Diffraction)

電子顯微鏡(Transmission Electron Microscopy)

薄膜材料分析 (Characterization of Thin Film Materials)